The Warrant of Trade

The Dynasty is acting under two different Warrants of Trade: their true warrant, and the front.

The Front: The Cuddio Dynasty

Due to attempts by Inquisitor Crassus Florentine to have them exterminated. the Dynasty is acting under the guise of a different Dynasty altogether.

The Cuddio Dynasty’s Warrant Origins

  • Warrant Age: The Waning
    The Cuddio Dynasty’s Warrant is new. Very new. Somehow, the Cuddio family was able to pull the strings in order to get the Warrant of Trade for their youngest son. There are those who are suspicious.
  • Fortune and Fate: Rising Star
    The Cuddio Dynasty is rising fast. This has come as a shock to many, who had previously given little heed to the Cuddio name. On the surface, their success lies in the valuable trading contracts that they were recently able to secure with House Achtenbrau, a powerful merchant house in the Calixis Sector. Many a Rogue Trader are baffled at how such a new Dynasty has been able to secure such an esteemed contract.
  • Acquisition: Exile
    Word is spreading in the Calixis Sector that the Warrant of Trade bestowed upon the young Darian Cuddio was, in reality, a form of exile. The young lord was causing too much trouble for his elder brothers, and so the Warrant of Trade was intended to get him away from House Cuddio’s holdings.
  • Sanction: Unproven
    Despite the fact that it is something of a rising star, the Cuddio Dynasty has yet to prove themselves. They may have landed a rather prestigious contract already, but they’ve hardly earned it. The Koronus Expanse demands more than a signed paper to prove a Dynasty’s worth.
  • Contacts: Merchant House
    The Dynasty’s contract with House Achtenbrau caught everyone by surprise. Nonetheless, they have certainly made themselves a powerful ally. House Achtenbrau has a lot of pull in the Calixis Sector. However, with a powerful ally, comes the heavy weight of responsibility. If the Cuddio Dynasty can’t fulfill their end of the contract, the powerful merchant house will see to it that they suffer in more ways than just financially.
  • Warrant Renown: Unknown
    Although it has already made its way into the rumor mills of the Calixis Sector, the Cuddio Dynasty is, as of yet, relatively unknown in the Koronus Expanse. It will take bold actions to garner the renown that they need to survive the Expanse.

True Warrant: The Gaius Dynasty

The Dynasty, in reality, is a fairly old one, with a complicated past, and a solemn duty to heed the words of an ancient prophecy. This true identity must be kept a secret.

The Gaius Dynasty’s Warrant Origins

  • Warrant Age: Age of Redemption
    The Gaius Dynasty is an old one, having been in the service of the God-Emperor for thousands of years. The might of their Dynasty is spread throughout the entire Segmentum.
  • Fortune and Fate: Fallen from Grace
    The Gaius Dynasty has fallen. Few know what truly happened, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading. Rumors of a daemonic incursion on the Dynasty’s home world, brought on by their own greed and hubris. With the Dynasty fallen, in such a dark way, those who once had ties with them have been quick to sever those ties. Best to remain spotless when the Inquisitors come knocking.
  • Acquisition: Ecclesiarchal Bequest
    When the Warrant of Trade was issued, thousands of years ago, to Gaius Praetolian, it came with a holy charge. The Dynasty was given a sacred duty, which they would carry out in the name of the God-Emperor. A prophecy had been made. A threat was lurking beyond the stars. It was the sacred duty of the Gaius Dynasty to protect the Imperium from this unkonwn threat.
  • Sanction: Halo Artefacts
    The Gaius Dynasty spent the vast majority of their time endeavoring to acquire mystic artefacts. The nature of these artefacts varied, some xeno-tech, some archeotech, and some connected to the strange powers of the warp. Their intention, supposedly, was to find an artefact that would help them to defeat the prophesied threat. Whether such instructions were found in the cryptic words of the prophecy, or not, is unknown. Regardless, they had amassed an immense collection of artefacts.
  • Contacts: Underground
    The Gaius Dynasty once had many contacts. Ranging from the influential nobility of the Calixis Sector, to shady merchants within the Expanse, their ties ran far and deep. However, with their fall from grace, many of those contacts have either severed all ties, now denying any involvement with the dynasty, or gone underground, hiding from the prying eyes of the Inquisition. Some of those contacts, such as the House Cuddio of Benlech, or the merchant House Achtenbrau, have been contacted once again by the sole survivor of the dynasty, and they work together once more.
  • Warrant Renown: Infamous
    While once renowned as a powerful name, throughout the entire Segmentum, the Gaius Dynasty is now a stain upon the purity of the Imperium. Whatever dark deeds had been done to bring about their end at the hands of daemonic forces have brought shame to that once great name.

Ship Points and Profit Factor will be determined by the True Warrant, only.

  • Profit Factor: 44
  • Ship Points: 40
  • Additional Benefits: 1 Xeno-Tech Component

The Warrant of Trade

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