The Sanguine Heart


Ships Stats

Ship Class Turbulent-Class Heavy Frigate Maneuverability +18
Dimensions 1.95km long, 0.3km abeam at fins, approx. Detection +15
Crew 25,000 crew approx. Hull Integrity 40
Decks 189 Armor 20
Acceleration 4.3 gravities max sustainable acceleration. Turret Rating 1
Speed 7 Space 42
Fiery Temperament Plasma Drive produces +2 Power Antiquated Communications All Command tests on the ship suffer a -5 Penalty
Adventurous +10 Detection When participating in an Endeavor. -10 Detection when not participating in an Endeavor. Death Cult Crew Population -8. All Morale loss is reduced by 2. May produce assassins…
Jovian Pattern Class 8.1 Drive Provides 44 Power to the Ship. If damaged, depressurized, or suffering a Critical Hit, roll 1d10; on a 4+, the effect is ignored. Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Warpsbane Hull +10 Bonus to Warp Navigation. Decreases frequency of Warp Travel Encounters. M-1.r Life Sustainer All Morale Loss is increased by 1. What?!?
Clan-kin Quarters +5 Bonus to repel boarders. All Morale Loss is decreased by 1. Single Void Shield Array Provides 1 Void Shield
Exploration Bridge Long Range Scan: +5 Detection on Active Augury.Navigation Records: +50 Endeavor Points from Exploration Objectives. M-100 Augur Array A standard augur array
Sunhammer Lance Strength 1, Dmg 1d10+3, Crit 3, Range 9 Stygies-Pattern Macrocannon Strength 3, 1d10+2 Dmg, Crit 5, Range 5. Ignores 3 Armor Destructive: Add 2 to rolls on the crit table Death from Above: +20 to intimidating planets, +50 Achievement Points for military objectives, double the area effect of bombardment, +20 damage to large units, +10 damage to vehicles and individuals
Laboratorium +20 Bonus to all tests to identify, analyse, and repair artifacts of ancient or xenos origin. Barracks +20 to all Command tests involving boarding action. +100 Endeavor Points from Military Objectives
Arboretum Doubles time without supply before Morale or Population Loss. Increase Population by 2. Runecaster Divines the Future. Fueled by Fate For whatever reason, this is component is not draining the ship’s power in any way. Eye of the Warp: Navigators gain +20 to all navigation tests.
Ostentatious Displays of Wealth +10 Bonus to Social Skill Tests made to influence visitors aboard the vessel. +25 Endeavor Points from Trade or Criminal Objectives Resolution Arena +3 to Morale

Ship Description

Lucky Turbulent-class Heavy Frigates have a long history of being regarded as lucky ships. They always seem to make it out when other ships don’t. The Sanguine Heart is no exception, and has a long and storied history of near escapes.
Adventurous The ship’s machine spirit is an adventurous soul, and always seems to operate especially well when adventure is afoot. Ships logs have shown a marked increase in the efficiency of all systems since the ship was acquired from the Imperial Navy.
Death Cult There is a death cult that meets semi-secretly in cargo bay 13 (Thursdays at 0300 for refreshments and ritual sacrifice). They are tolerated due to having produced several excellent assassins over the years
Jovian Pattern Class 8.1 Drive The “Class 8” drives produced by the Jovian shipyards are a constructed from an incomplete STC discovered less than a
millennia ago. Although they burn cooler than other Jovian drives, they are far more robust, able to absorb crippling damage without performance loss. These engines are typically reserved for military vessels, and the 8.1 is designed for frigates.
Strelov 1 Warp Engine A Standard Stelov STC warp drive.
Clan-kin Quarters In the earlier years of the ships life, the majority of the crew was taken from the native Clans of Benlech. Centuries spent dwelling in the network of caves beneath Benlech’s surface may not have been the most traditional way to prepare a people for voidfaring, but the closed quarters and narrow passages of the starship did remind them of home.

Since that time, the clans have developed their own culture on the ship, and the caves of Benlech have become little more than a legend. However, when the ship was brought back into action under the command of the Cuddio Dynasty, there was a need to replenish large amounts of the crew. To do so, the clans of Benlech were called upon once again. Now, the crew consists of two main groups: those who came from Benlech centuries ago, and those who just arrived from Benlech. Although they are distant kin, there have been troubles involved in getting the old crew to accept the new.

Each clan from the old crew has been assigned specific tasks throughout the ship, which they do with fervent loyalty. The new clans have been given less essential tasks, until they are better trained. Many of them struggle with the voidfarer’s life. Elders from each clan meet to form the Clansmoot, while a single Clan Elder acts as a delegate to the Cuddio Dynasty.
Exploration Bridge A gift from a Magos of Lathe who was once an ally of the the Gaius Dynasties, the Exploration Bridge once resided at the head of one of the long range Explorator craft of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It was installed over the existing bridge during the Captain’s Glorious Restoration, and is largely hidden from sight under and inside clever decorations when not in use. When activated, however, an array of hololythic charts and displays erupting from the eyes and mouths of statuary and sculptures reveal it for the technological marvel it is.

Beyond advanced charts and displays, it is host to advanced cogitators that compare and correlate data received from the sensors, as well as a full set of the Adeptus Mechanicus’s valuable charts of the Koronus Expanse.
M-100 Augur Array A standard augur array
Sunhammer Lance Narrowing the focus aperture on the STC Titanforge allowed the
Lathes to boost range without unduly decreasing its power.
Stygies-Pattern Macrocannon As the name suggests, these devastating weapons are designed to reduce planetary defences to rubble and support military
landings. Most often they use linear accelerators to launch massed salvoes of heavy magma bomb warheads, and though
relatively short ranged can also be used in naval combat. Often the rumour that orbiting vessels carry them is enough
to force a quick surrender. These weapons are significantly more destructive than their brethren, and strike special terror in those being threatened with orbital bombardment.
Barracks The ship has a full barracks located onboard complete with exercise and training facilities, armories, food stores and food preparation facilities, sleeping quarters, armories, command centers, vehicle garages, storage, latrines, and everything else necessary for the operation of a single military regiment.
Ostentatious Displays of Wealth The first thing that Captain Cuddio did upon acquiring The Sanguine Heart was to enact his Glorious Restoration. A massive undertaking that took over a year to complete and thousands of Tech Priests and EnginSeers. Most of the ship was stripped down and converted into a floating palace, bristling with ostentatious displays of wealth. Floors are lined with intricate marble tile and inlaid with golden designs and mosaics. Work stations and corridors are trimmed with rare woods and brass. Lighting is provided by expensive chandeliers, and objects d’art lane the hallways. Even the lower decks are clean, shining, and moderately ornamented, with Imperial Saints watching over many of the work crews, and small decorations scattered throughout the ship. While such a display is integral to presenting the image the Captain is seeking to project, it was also an opportunity to secretly install several more practical upgrades.
Arboretum As part of his grand and glorious refit of the ship to stand as a (supposed) monument to his greatness, Captain Cuddio had decks 19-23 (where the officer decks meet the crew decks) totally gutted of all non-essential components and flooring, resulting in a massive kilometre long and 15 metre tall open section of the ship. That space was filled with a massive garden, filled with waterfalls, cliffs, trees and flowers of every description, with nearly every plant bearing fruit or vegetable, and painstakingly designed and manicured,to be paradise on earth…in space. Clever optical illusions and environmental manipulators present a blue sky with floating clouds and rainstorms and a sun shining from high overhead during the day, and at night project views of the space around the ship (at least when not in warp). Despite the apparent opulence of this chamber, it’s actually quite practical, the produce and game actually doubling the length of time the ship can remain in space, which will be extremely useful for deep space exploration, to provide a buffer in case of emergencies, and perhaps most importantly, to escape from any nosy inquisitors.
Resolution Arena Within the Arboretum lies a grand resolution arena: an beautiful marble amphetheatre, lined with statues of heroic figures of Imperial myth capable of luxuriously seating 1000 spectators (or comfortably seating 3000-5000), with strategically placed vidcasters capable of transmitting events to the rest of the ship. In the middle of the amphitheatre is a combat arena with systems for simulating thousands of combat scenarios, from obstacle courses to water battles to zero gravity.
Warpsbane Hull While the Opulent Displays of Wealth were being installed, Captain Cuddio secretly had the entire hull of the vessel is covered with silver, hand inscribed hexagramic wards. These reinforce a Geller Field projected from a 50 metre statue of an Imperial Saint, located just fore of the bridge. As such the ship is especially resistant to warp incursions.
Sanctaidd Galou, At the sternward edge of the Arboretum is situated a truly massive deciduous fruit tree spanning over half the width of the ship known as The Sanctaidd Galou, or the Tree of the Holy Light. It famous ancient spiritual focal point and holy site of the Imperial Cult of Benlech, it was brought on board both to demonstrate Baron Cuddio’s wealth and power, but also to act as a spiritual focal point for the crew. Or at least that is the story as it is told. The true value of the, however, lies within and below the tree…
Laboratorium Shortly before Baron Cuddio began his Glorious Restoration it was discovered that The Sanctaidd Galou was dying, and would likely not survive another fifty years. This gave Muirenn MacLea an excellent idea.

With the help of allied Magos Biologicus samples were taken from the tree and painstakingly engineered and cultivated. In the arboretum a massive three deck complex was constructed, carefully armored and shielded with some of the most advanced technology known to the Magos of Lathe, as well as new technology of Muirenn’s own design. This walls of this structure were then carefully implanted with the re-engineered flesh of The Sanctaidd Galou, which was then carefully sculpted to create a perfect replica of the original tree. Muirenn argues that since more of the original tree was removed than left behind, it really is The Sanctaidd Galou.

The hidden laboratory and vault inside became her Sanctum Galou, or Sanctuary of Light. A hidden labratory safe from the eyes of the Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy, stocked with the most advanced equipment her prestigious connections on Lathe could supply her with. A place where the secrets of the Koronus Expanse could be studied and kept safe from those that would cause harm to the realm of man.
Runecaster One of the last, and most powerful treasures left to the House of Gaius, the Runecaster of Prophetiae actually kept itself safe, advising the family 100 years before to move it off-world. It is an ancient and powerful Eldar Device that has guided the family since it’s initial founding. Only legends of how it was initially acquired remain, many of them conflicting. But what they all seem to agree on is that it was a gift from the Eldar, and intrinsically tied with the founding of the House of Gaius, and it’s mysterious future.

It is hidden from prying eyes in a small grotto located in a cloaked area atop the Sanctaidd Galou.
Antiquated Communications Centuries in the past the ship’s vox system broke down, and it has strenuously resisted all attempts to repair it. As a result the ship has no intercom system or direct vox communication built into the ship.

In its place a complex series of of brass speaking tubes were installed, with redundant relay stations interspersed throughout, each manned by a Speaker at all hours who relays whatever he hears to it’s intended destination, whether that be an exit point, or another speaker relay.

Over the centuries the position of Relay Speaker, or Captain’s Voice has become a fiercely religious position, only passed on to the best candidate after years of tutelage and careful mental augmentation and conditioning by the ships EnginSeers. They are seen by much of the lower crew as a type of prophet. After all, they are almost literally the Voice of the Captain, who is in turn the Voice of the Emperor on the ship, thus they speak with the voice of God. Totally lacking in imagination and with eidetic memories, they also make excellent witnesses and recorders of history and law. They take special pride in not only getting every message correct in every way for centuries, but even perfectly transmitting subtle all the subtle tones and nuances of any spoken message, to the point that the listener of the message can tell precisely who the message is from simply by tone.

Between relay stations they speak in a heavily coded, extremely compact private language they have developed over the centuries, complete with a series of built in checksums that verify contents and resist man-in-the-middle tampering, only translating back into gothic at the endpoints. It has thus far resisted all attempts at translation.

The Captain’s of the ship have by and large been happy with the situation, and now actually actively resist any attempts to fix the old vox system. While the Speakers are certainly slower and less efficient than a vox, they are much more secure against tampering, less likely to break-down in a crisis, and now fulfill several essential functions within the ship.

The Sanguine Heart

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