The Mynov Dispute


What’s Your Goal?

To settle the dispute over the plant of Mynov, between the Disciples of Thule and the mining operation of House Achtenbrau.

What’s Your Method?

Establish a reputation with the Adeptus Mechanicus, which can be used as leverage against the Disciples of Thule.

What’s Standing in Your Way?

The Disciples of Thule

What’s Your In?

Contract with House Achtenbrau.

What Do You Have to Work With?

The bounteous charisma of the Rogue Trader, Darian Cuddio, a mastery of tech by the Astropath Muirenn MacLea, and the unparalleled skills of the Void-Mistress Katyaina Black.

What Don’t You Know?

What’s on Mynov? Why is there the dispute?

What Could Go Wrong?

Clashes with either party. Dangers that could be lurking on Mynov.

What Comes Nextl?

We shall see. . .


The Mynov Dispute – Lesser Endeavor

Objective 1: Garnering Support & Doing Recon

Objective 2: Safely Journeying to Mynov

Objective 3: Establishing the Dynasty’s Power to Settle the Dispute

Objective 4: Exploit & Profit from the Riches of Mynov

The Mynov Dispute

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