The Faymostrov Dynasty

Brief Summary

The Faymostrov Dynasty is relatively new to the scene, having been granted a warrant of trade in 563.M41. However, in that time, they have certainly been ambitious. While they only command one colony in the Koronus Expanse, it is a thriving one; situated in the Heathen Stars, the world of Baddenvold is home to a thriving colony of New Badris.
The interests of the Faymostrov Dynasty are not always clear, but it is well known that they have a severe dislike for Eldar Corsairs. In the early days of their colony, the Dynasty had to fend off several Eldar raids; as such, the colony of New Badris is almost more like a fortress. Perhaps it is the safety of those walls, despite the certain threat of attack, that has drawn so many to the colony.

Important Characters

Lady-Captain Ilyena Faymostrov
Petra Zarathustroff
Volstok Glaeser

Public Agenda

Hunting down Eldar Raiders wherever they are found.

The Faymostrov Dynasty

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