House Achtenbrau

Brief Summary

Rising to power at the dawn of M41, House Achtenbrau is a wealthy and influential merchant house, operating out of the Calixis Sector. Originally trading in resources attained through numerous cloudmining operations, they now operate in just about every profitable endeavor. Their base of operations is on Scintilla, but they have several stations throughout the Calixis Sector, and even a few in the Koronus Expanse.

A trade agreement with House Achtenbrau is sought after by many. In addition to being very lucrative, it is also a trade agreement that brings with it a level of prestige. House Achtenbrau has connections with the highest levels of nobility in the Calixis Sector, as well as favor with the Adeptas Arbites, the Ecclesiarchy, the Adepta Mechanicus, and even the Storm Wardens Chapter of the Adeptas Astartes, who are native to the Calixis Sector. With peers such as these, House Achtenbrau is a powerful force, indeed.

With so much power, one might begin to suspect a degree of corruption in the lords of House Achtenbrau. However, such is not the case. They are known for piety, and trusted by every level of the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum.

Important Characters

Lord Erstwile Achtenbrau – Lord of House Achtenbrau
Lady Olivia Achtenbrau – Lady of House Achtenbrau, a most pious socialite.
High Factotum Marsdale – Steward of House Achtenbrau’s business affairs.
Grimmen Vard – Former high-ranking member of Adeptas Arbites. Oversees the security of House Achtenbrau’s business.

Public Agenda

Protecting their reputation as one of the most powerful merchant houses in the Calixis Sector, and expanding their efforts into the Koronus Expanse.

House Achtenbrau

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