An impenetrable jewel

Once the crown world of the Gaius Dynasty, Catania was one of the jewels of the [[Calixus. Sector]]. Already a beautiful and bountiful world when discovered by the Gaius Dynasty, nearly five millennia of tending and terraforming by a powerful and wealthy Rogue Trading dynasty made it a paradise world of artfully sculpted landscapes and breathtaking cities with a population in the hundreds of millions.

As the center of dynasty obsessed an unknown rising xeno threat, it was also one of the most heavily defended systems in the sector. With a large defense fleet, thousands of orbital platforms, planetary defenses and shields, and a large standing army, it was thought to be impenetrable to anything short of a full orkish WAAAGH! or a hive fleet.

The center of the world and it’s defenses was the sprawling Palatial Custodes, the home of the heads of the Gaius Dynasty. An alabaster palace with expansive gardens and parks, it was nevertheless the most heavily defended installation on an already impressively defended world. Deep below the palace, at the heart of the entire dynasty, was The Vault, which housed the dynasty’s vast and potent collection of warp and xeno artifacts.

The Fall

The fall of this seemingly impenetrable fortress was as quick as it was unexpected. Inquisitor Crassus Florentine and his dark forces lured away the system fleet, and using dark magics summoned warp storms to cut the planet off from all help. Using a combination of Imperial and Xenos forces and dark magics, the world was razed in a single night.

Warp phenomina ravaged the world, twisting the laws of physics to their breaking point. Orbital defenses fell from the sky, shields and cannons failed, weapons came to life and attacked their owners. As portals opened all around the world, belching forth daemonic hordes and twisting and torturing the land the fleets above rained down fire from the heavens. The Vault was raided and the Palatial Custodes was blasted from the face of the world with a detonation that was felt across the continent.

Though the enemy fleet eventually left, the planet would never recover. Surrounded by a perpetual warp storm and plagued by demons and warp portals, it now exists as a hellish landscape of death and nightmare.


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