Rogue Trader - Shattering Stars

Captains Log 134 809.M41

Ship minutes

2 097 809.m41 Began voyage
Arrive at Port Wander 2 117 809.m41
Purchased best quality plasma weaponry, four types of grenades (frag, krak, stun, hallucinogenic)
Acquired 2k troops, 100 veterans, 3 Chimeras and Light power armor
Threw party at Port Wander to build relations
Increased influence with IG, IN, and ADM
2 122 809.m41 Depart for the maw
2 122 809.m41 Muirenn MacLea got minor warp sickness
2 127 809.M41 Arrived at Footfall
2 127 809.M41 Lydia Voidheart began building spy network on Footfall
2 132 809.M41 Threw party on Footfall to build relations
Met with bairn wolfus-merchant captain, once an ally of the family
Gained grudging respect of Lord-Captain Fao Zhang-Lu (grievous social wound)
Gained attention and respect of Lady-Captain Ilyena Faymostrov (grievous social wound)
Met with Ador Corphus. Convinced him we knew more than we did. Almost got him to spill his guts.
Found out that MinorZhang-Lu Dynasty is very involved with the Glaeser Foundry (minor secret)
Gained reputation with Disciples of Thule
Bribed Tanthus Moross to act as informant
Gained bonus to reputation on Footfall
Convinced Brother Sigvard to remain on ship
Gained 800xp


Accomplished Goals

  1. Purchased High Provender
  2. threw party on Port Wander
  3. purchased weapons and troops
  4. threw party on Footfall
  5. built relationships with Disciples of Thule, IG, IN, AdMech, Footfall nobility, Calixus Nobility
  6. Escorted Brother Sigvard to Footfall

Current goals

  1. Sell High Provender
  2. purchase muscle from Tutors
  3. upgrade Veteran Guardmen’s equipment
  4. Gain negotiation right from Disciples of Thule
  5. deliver canister to Admiral Brahn, last seen in Illisk. Report back to Lord-General Straffen
  6. Resolve The Mynov Dispute



  • Best Quality plasma weaponry (PCs)
  • Grenades: Frag, Krak, Hallucinogenic, Stun (PCs)
  • 1 suit light power armor


  • 1900 IG Infantry
  • 1900 IG veterans
  • 3 Chimeras



A Grand Entrance
Introducing the Cuddio Dynasty

Before embarking on their new endeavors in the Koronus Expanse, the Cuddio Dynasty needed to garner support with their new contract, House Achtenbrau. They were, whilst still in the Calixis Sector, invited to a gala hosted by Lord Erstwile and Lady Olivia Achtenbrau.

Upon their arrival, the Cuddio Dynasty attempted to make an impressive display, in an attempt to make their presence known among nobles of the Calixis Sector. It worked, for good or ill.

While at the gala, there were four leads for endeavors to embark on that the Cuddio Dynasty was given. A House Achtenbrau transport vessel needed an escort to the world of Bennethol. A dispute with the Disciples of Thule over the House Achtenbrau mining operations on the world of Mynov needed to be settled. A group of missionaries, the Fjostheim Brethren, were seeking transportation to the world of Adoloth. A shady man, by the name of Ador Corphus, needed someone to investigate a research outpost that had gone dark.

After some consideration, the Cuddio Dynasty decided that their first endeavor would be to journey to Mynov, and settle the dispute over that world. However, they have agreed to transport the Fjostheim Brethren as far as Footfall, and there do what they could to help the missionaries attain the transportation they need.

Thus began the endeavors of the Cuddio Dynasty.

Captain's Log 2 097 809.m41
The Ball Before the Beginning

Well, preparations for our voyage have gone as well as could be expected. We should be ready to embark with the week.

As expected, we received an invitation from our patrons— House Achtenbrau—to one of their social events. I suspected they both wanted to show off their latest Rogue Trader contract and scrutinize us in person, a suspicion which was largely born out. It was an excellent opportunity to make a bit of an impact on Calixus nobility, and begin to cultivate the foppish image I hope to establish for “Darian Cuddio”. Knowing such a facade will close as many doors as it opens, I invited Muirenn and Katyaina along to provide a more grounded presence for the dynasty, in contrast to the foppish image I will be cultivating. Hopefully their competence and seriousness will alleviate any fears our partners may have.

I had our senchal look over our meagre inventories and select the most impressive/least dangerous of the treasures of the expanse remaining, and presented them as a gift and proof the profits to come, hopefully causing a bit of a stir among the nobility, and spreading our name a bit.

Happily, we were contacted by several parties interested in contracting our services.

Katyaina got some interesting information about a dispute over a mining outpost on Mynov. The Disciples of Thule have apparently shown up and are threatening their claim. This raises several interesting questions. What are they mining there? They claim it is simply industrial metals, but you certainly don’t have to risk the Koronus Passage to find a wealth of common metals. I suspect either they have found something far more valuable (and thus worth the dangerous transport voyage), or they are using the materials to support some other project in the Koronus Expanse, actually allowing them to avoid such a perilous journey. Secondly, which Rogue Trader made the claim (if any), and why aren’t they defending it? If there is no formal claim, or the dynasty is unfit/unable to defend it, perhaps we can arrange to take over as official patron, thus providing a level of legal/practical protection they obviously lack.

Brother Sigvard contacted us, representing the Fjostheim Brethren, and seeking passage into the expanse, to the world of Aidalof. While we aren’t going to the same destination he is, we agreed to take him as far as Footfall and arrange passage from there. In exchange he has provided his brotherhood’s official blessing and sanction of our voyage, which should help morale. Our Senchal will also be broadcasting this fact through all appropriate channels, hopefully bringing positive attention to our endeavor.

One Ador Corphus contacted Muirenn, requesting our intervention at a research facility. He was apparently annoyingly vague about the nature of the problem, the reward, and his own affiliations. Not the most tempting of proposals, honestly. Personally, the idea of entering unknown, but certain danger for an unknown, uncertain reward is less than appealing. After discussing things with the command crew I think we’ll let him stew. If it is truly a desperate situation he can offer something more concrete. If it’s a con, or wild targ chase, he can look for other suckers.

High Factotum Marsdale has also requested that we escort a vessel to a minor mining outpost. Though it isn’t exactly on the way, I think we should be able to escort them as far as footfall and negotiate an escort the rest of the way.

Accomplished Goals

  1. Make contact with House Achtenbrau
  2. Make an impression with the Calixus nobility
  3. Make contact with a faction of The Ecclesiarchy and get their formal blessing
  4. Gain intelligence of the Koronus Expanse in order to set an initial destination

Current Goals

  1. Purchase a load of High Provender for sale and use at Footfall. The high society there are obsessed with the trappings of nobility, and should pay a premium for some ACTUAL delicacies. Also, we can use it to ramp up the quality of the gala’s we will be throwing at Port Wander and Footfall.
  2. Contact the Disciples of Thule and attempt to formalize an arrangement for negotiating The Mynov Dispute, as well as establish rights to technological finds.
  3. Contact representatives of the Imperial Navy at Port Wander to formalize a relationship. They pay well for scouting the expanse, and since we are going to be doing it anyways, we may as well get paid for it. Possibly get some munitions.
  4. Get some muscle. Possibly heavy combat servitors from the Mechanus, or something more exotic from the Tutors at The Red Schola to see about getting some muscle.
  5. Escort to Footfall and then arrange passage for Brother Sigvard and his missionaries
  6. Get some plasma weaponry and flamers

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