Katyaina Black

The Void-Mistress


Katyaina’s Character Sheet


Find a home for the False-Men from planet K403-D.


I was a failed experiment who narrowly escaped disposal.

Legacy Traits

Motivation: Perfection Through Persistence

Appearance: A Little Too Perfect

Conscience: Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

Specialty: Knack for All Things Vehicular


Origin Path

Unnatural Origin – False-Man

Grown in a lab, I was a part of an experiment. However, I was a failed part of the experiment, and was going to be disposed of. I narrowly escaped.

Frontier World

I took refuge on the Frontier World of Lyman’s Folly. The kind folk there gave took me in and gave me a name. While there, I discovered that I had a natural knack for handling vehicles of all kinds.

Hunter – Hunted

My creators found me. The organization that was responsible for my creation had tracked me down, and intended to eliminate me in order to tie up all loose ends. I had to leave Lyman’s Folly, slipping away on a merchant vessel.

Lost Worlds – Rogue Planet

While the merchant vessel I was serving aboard was salvaging lost treasures from a rogue planet, K403-D, I stumbled upon an ancient laboratory. Within the laboratory, row after row of vat-born false-men were found. False-men like myself.


I have struggled much, and faced great adversity, but I know I must endure. I may have been a failed experiment, but through persistence, I will find perfection.


After working my way through the ranks on the merchant vessel, I was skilled enough to be hired to work on a Rogue Trader vessel. Through hard work and dedication, I have proven my worth, and have been promoted to Void-Mistress.

Witch-Born – Witch-Knowledge

I am burdened by my past. I know not why I was created, nor how I failed to meet the expectations of my creators, but I know this: they had instilled in me, whilst I was developed in a vat, a thorough understanding of Psykers.

Katyaina Black

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