Rogue Trader - Shattering Stars

A Grand Entrance

Introducing the Cuddio Dynasty

Before embarking on their new endeavors in the Koronus Expanse, the Cuddio Dynasty needed to garner support with their new contract, House Achtenbrau. They were, whilst still in the Calixis Sector, invited to a gala hosted by Lord Erstwile and Lady Olivia Achtenbrau.

Upon their arrival, the Cuddio Dynasty attempted to make an impressive display, in an attempt to make their presence known among nobles of the Calixis Sector. It worked, for good or ill.

While at the gala, there were four leads for endeavors to embark on that the Cuddio Dynasty was given. A House Achtenbrau transport vessel needed an escort to the world of Bennethol. A dispute with the Disciples of Thule over the House Achtenbrau mining operations on the world of Mynov needed to be settled. A group of missionaries, the Fjostheim Brethren, were seeking transportation to the world of Adoloth. A shady man, by the name of Ador Corphus, needed someone to investigate a research outpost that had gone dark.

After some consideration, the Cuddio Dynasty decided that their first endeavor would be to journey to Mynov, and settle the dispute over that world. However, they have agreed to transport the Fjostheim Brethren as far as Footfall, and there do what they could to help the missionaries attain the transportation they need.

Thus began the endeavors of the Cuddio Dynasty.


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