The Zhang-Lu Dynasty

Brief History

The Zhang-Lu Dynasty is an old one, although it didn’t make its way to the Koronus Expanse until the dawn of M41. They are very secretive about what endeavors they were involved in before that point, but whatever it was, they now have nothing to do with it. The Koronus Expanse was, essentially, a fresh start for them.
The Zhang-Lu Dynasty has a variety of interests in the Expanse. They maintain several colonies, spread between the Unbeholden Reaches and the Accursed Demesne. Most of them are mining colonies, particularly the ones near the Rifts of Hecaton. The Dynasty commands over a dozen ships, while Lord-Captain Fao Zhang-Lu prefers to command their flagship, the Singing Blade. He is said to be a brilliant tactician in battle, and few would dare to go up against him.

Important Characters

Lord-Captain Fao Zhang-Lu
Xi Keikyu
Archemedes Flint

Public Agenda

Maintains several mining operations out near the Rifts of Hecaton.

The Zhang-Lu Dynasty

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