The Vault

The Vault was the hidden and heavily guarded facility that housed the Gaius Dynasty’s collection of warp and xeno artifacts. It was legendary in the sheer number and value of dangerous items it contained, and was coveted by collectors and power brokers across the Calixus Expanse.

At the heart of the crown world of Catania, it was at the center of a systems worth of defenses, and one of the most heavily guarded installations in the sector, and had famously never successfully infiltrated or stolen from. With a dizzying area of security procedures and technologies, located at the center of a fortress estate, behind planetary defenses and void shields, orbital defense platforms, and as powerful a system fleet as a powerful dynasty could maintain, it was thought to be impenetrable.

Unfortunately, that assumption was proved false on the fateful when Crassus Florentine attacked with his assembled forces. In a single night the planet was razed and the vault carried away.

Crassus may have gotten away with a treasure of mythical power had it not been for Muirenn MacLea. During her rescue of Gaius Octavian she detonated the hold where the treasure was being stored, ejecting the entirety of it into the warp mid warp-storm.

The location of the items at this point are unknown. Due to the nature of the warp they have likely been spread throughout space and time, entirely at the whim of the malign beings that govern that hellish realm. As The Vault contained no small number of powerful and dangerous artifacts, the damage they may cause when they inevitably re-appear is incalculable.

The Vault

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