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The Dynasty

Gaius Dynasty
The Warrant of Trade
The Sanguine Heart
Spheres of Influence
Wealth of the Dynasty

Important Locations

Koronus Expanse
Benlech – Home of the Cuddio Family.
Catania – Ruined home of the Gaius Dynasty.

Significant Organizations

House Achtenbrau – Merchant House Contract of the Cuddio Dynasty.
Fjostheim Brethren – An order of missionaries who follow in the footsteps of Saint Gregor Fjostheim.
The Faymostrov Dynasty
The Zhang-Lu Dynasty
Glaeser Foundry

Planned Endeavors

The Mynov Dispute – In which the dynasty settles a dispute between the Disciples of Thule and the House Achtenbrau mining operation over who has rights to Mynov.

Main Page

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