Gaius Dynasty

An ancient and once incredibly powerful Rogue Trader Dynasty in the Calixis Sector, recently nearly destroyed by Crassus Florentine.

They were established based on Occultis Prophecies of a dire threat to humanity that would rise “…beyond the mouth of the beast, and the wandering harbor within”. Based on the prophecy they have spent millennia building up the power and defenses necessary to protect humanity from this threat. More importantly, they spent the intervening time searching out and collecting various warp and xeno artifacts, resulting in one of the largest collections of warp/xeno-tech in the Calixis Sector.

Their downfall occurred when this collection attracted the jealous attention of Inquisitor Crassus Florentine. He spent years gathering power, calling in favors, and making dark pacts and alliances, all in preparation of a single strike at the heart of the Gaius Dynasty. In a single night he ravaged Catania, killed nearly every member of the Gaius Dynasty, raided their vault , and took their warrant of trade. He left Catania burning with warp fire with the last heir of the Gaius Dynasty in tow.

“Scutem est Populus”-Gaius Dynasty Motto

The rest of the dynasty quickly went to ground when communication with the dynasty was lost, preparing for the strikes from the hidden enemy they knew would come.

Days and months went by with no sight or sign of either the Gaius family or the mysterious enemy. Many elements of have continued to operate to this day, evolving into underground organizations and cabals as the fate of their dynasty remains a mystery to them, occasionally working together with other remnants, but largely succeeding or failing as independent entities.

What a small fraction of individuals know is that eight months after contact with Catania was lost, the last heir of Gaius quietly revealed himself to a few of the dynasties most trusted retainers and lieutenants, and together they build a new dynasty, as a cover for continuing the dynasty’s mission: to gather artifacts, explore the Koronus Expanse, and gather power to face the threat that is even now growing there.

The rest of the dynasty continues on in silence, waiting for the day when they will be called upon to defend humanity against the prophesied threat.

Gaius Dynasty

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