Fjostheim Brethren

A sect of missionaries in the Koronus Expanse, hunting for the lost relics of Saint Gregor Fjostheim.

Brief Summary

In 587.M40, a missionary of the Ecclesiarchy, Gregor Fjostheim, set off into the Koronus Expanse aboard the Glory of Middenvoldt, the flagship of Rogue Trader Amanthras Pyre. Over the course of a century, Fjostheim made great progress in bringing the light of the God-Emperor to the godless Expanse. It is said that, on every world where the divine power of the God-Emperor was accepted, Fjostheim would raise a great monument. Towering monoliths of pure gold, engraved with praises to the God-Emperor.

The last anyone heard of Gregor Fjostheim, he was martyred by a world of godless heathens, deep within the expanse. To this day, there are many among the Ecclesiarchy who believe it a true sign of their faith to follow in his footsteps, and bring the word of the God-Emperor to the far-reaches of space. They journey into the Koronus Expanse, seeking out those who will hear the words of the God-Emperor. Most of all, they seek out the lost relics of Saint Gregor Fjostheim, those towering monoliths, a monument to the glory of the emperor of mankind.

Important Characters

Brother Sigvard – A devoted missionary who leads some of the Brethren.

Public Agenda

Spread the glory of the God-Emperor throughout the Koronus Expanse, and seek out the lost relics of Saint Gregor Fjostheim.

Fjostheim Brethren

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