Darian Cuddio (Gaius Octavius Koronus)

A machiavellian poof


Destiny: Protect Humanity from Hidden Xenos Threat.
Tragedy: Ordo Hereticus Purged the Dynasty.


WS BS St T Ag Int Per WP Fel
46 29 32 27 33 55 47 43 59

Fel Trained 100
Intelligence trained 100
WS Trained 100
Fel Intermediate 250
Perception 250

Insanity 10 Corruption 0 Profit Factor xx


Skill Basic Trained +10 +20 Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag)
Awareness (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Blather (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Chem Use (Int)
Cyphers (Int)
Climb (St)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int)
Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)
Common Lore (Koronos Expanse) (Int)
Common Lore () (Int)
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
Deceive (Fel)
Demolition (Int)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Drive (Ag)
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int)
Forbidden Lore () (Int)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Interrogation (WP)
Intimidate (St)
Invocation (Wp)
Lip Reading (Per)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Navigation (Int)
Performer (Fel)
Pilot (Ag)
Psyniscience (Per)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Scruteny (Per)
Search (Per)
Secret Tongue (Int)
Security (Int)
Shadowing (Ag)
Silent Move (Ag)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Survival (Int)
Swim (St)
Tech Use (Int)
Tracking (Int)
Trade (Int)
Wrangling (Int)
Combat Skills

“Scutum est Populus” -Gaius Dynasty motto

Destiny Tragedy
“Scutem est Populus” Protect humanity from the hidden xenos threat Ordo-Hereticus purged the dynasty

Origin Path

Home World Birthright Lure of the Void Trials and Travails Motivation Lineage
Child of Dynasty In Service to the Throne: Born to Lead Chosen by Destiny: Fated for Greatness Darkness: Forbidden Knowledge Devotion: Loyalty A Proud Tradition: Uncertain Inheritance


Birthright Concience Personality Specialty
Manically driven by my duty Loyal to my crew A magnificent poof Submerged in intrigue


Darian Cuddio was born as Gaius Octavian Koronus, heir to the powerful Gaius Dynasty. From a young age he was groomed and prepared to fulfill his purpose and that of his dynasty. It was to be the culmination of millenia of preparation and work; humanities shield against a mysterious thread prophesied to rise on in the newly opened Koronos Expanse.

From a young age Octavian was trained, both in theory and in practice. He was immersed in the politics and intrigues of his dynasty: their politics, trade, and expeditions. But as the dynasty prepared to battle enemies beyond the empire, an insidious threat from within chose that time to strike.

Crassus Florentine, a darkly ambitious and powerful Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, had long coveted the Gaius Dynasty’s collection of warp artifacts and xeno-tech, in league with mysterious forces that opposed the Dynasty of Gaius, struck their homeworld of Catania with overwhelming force, soon after their fleet was called away to assist with a disaster in a neighboring system.

A fleet appeared in orbit, Commandeered Imperial forces attacked alongside xenos ships of several distinct styles. As they dropped out of the Warp a warp storm suddenly engulfed the system, cutting it off all access to the outside universe. Warp phenomena erupted planet wide, sewing confusing, disabling defenses, and killing hundreds of millions. What had thought to be an impenetrable fortress fell in hours. Octavian was taken away from his father and mother by caretakers to be kept safe, as they attempted a dangerous, last ditch gamble to combat the forces attempting to bring down the dynasty, and what they believed to be the only hope for the sector.

Whatever they attempted, it must have failed. The last Octavian saw of his family and home was it erupting into purple and green flames, as purple lightning wracked the heavens.

Unfortunately, though he had escaped his home, there as no-where to escape too. With no ships left in orbit, and cut off from all communication to the rest of the Imperium, it was not long before he was captured.

In a single night one of the most powerful Dynasties and institutions in the Calixus sector had been simply erased. Though there were still hundreds of ships, dozens of worlds, agents, troops, investments, warehouses, contacts, and vassals scattered around the Calixus sector, with no Warrant of Trade and no Rogue Trader, the dynasty was effectively dead, and the remaining bits could be picked apart at their enemies leisure. Whatever terrible price Crassus must have paid for the assistance he received, it seemed to have paid off.

Knowing Octavian could pose no threat, and greedy for the secrets contained within the Gaius Dynasty’s vault, he imprisoned Octavian on his personal flagship, in the artifact vaults for interrogation, to be pumped for information until he had nothing left, and could be disposed of in an unmarked grave.

But Octavian was a consummate schemer. His jailer and handler was an Astropath named
Muirenn MacLea. Though powerful, intelligent, and ambitious, she was nearly as much a prisoner as he was, and clearly chafed at Crassus’s heavy-handed control. She was not only powerful, but obsessed with researching the warp, something Crassus largely denied her. She wanted freedom, but how could one escape the reach of an inquisitor? The answer was obvious to Octavian, and he offered an opportunity beyond anything she had dreamed possible: freedom from Crassus, and a position as head researcher of a dynasty exploring the Koronos Expanse.

And so they formed a plan. Their dynasty was far too powerful and influential to be destroyed so quickly, even by an inquisitor (or at least, one of Crassus’s level of influence). It would take decades of effort and dozens of inquisitors of Crassus’s influence working together to dismantle the dynasty. Crassus must have prepared for years and made huge sacrifices in order to be able to strike at their home and cut off the head of the dynasty, assuming that now that he had the warrant of trade, and all of the Dynasty’s records, he and his allies could ignore or prey on the remaining elements at will, glutting on the Gaius Dynasty’s rotting carcass for years like a flock of vultures. But that relied on one precarious assumption that Crassus had jeopardized in his desperate greed: that there was no heir and no Warrant of Trade.

Over the course of a week Muirenn took backups of all of the dynasties records. She caused a potent distraction by sabotaging the ships geller field, causing it to fluctuate, allowing daemons and warp phenomena to manifest on the ship. She freed Octavian, and in the confusion they retrieved the dynasty’s Warrant of Trade, and escape in an escape pod she had specially prepared.

As the ship shrunk from their view, Muirenn’s final two gifts to her former master took effect: First, her virus wiped all records of the Dynasty, and Octavian from his database. He would have no easy way of tracking Octavian or the remnants of the Gaius Dynasty, and it would take decades to start over and root them out, if it could even be done.

Secondly, the melta-bomb she had boobytrapped the ships artifact vault with detonated in a blossom of orange flame. Millenia’s worth of artifacts collected by a dynasty totally dedicated to their collection was ejected into the warp, to be scattered throughout space and time, beyond anyone’s abilities to predict.

Their jury rigged escape pod drifted in the warp for three days before depositing them back in real-space, far from where they had begun. Eventually their distress call was answered and they made their way to one of the Dynasty’s lesser known vassals on the world of Benlech. Over the course of several years they gathered together what they could of the dynasty’s power and fortunes without drawing too much attention.

But the dynasty had to appear dead, as did Gaius Octavian Koronus. A new name, a new dynasty, and a new Warrant of Trade was required. Though they couldn’t acknowledge him, Octavian still had powerful allies throughout the Sector, and soon a new person was born; a scion of the ruling family of Benlech, a third son, spoiled, self serving, and ambitious, with as impenetrable a history of records and aliases as a coalition of influential Inquisitors, High Lords, and Rogue Traders could create. Dangerous to his older siblings, he was given a ship and banished by way of Warrant of Trade.

And so the “Shield of the People” was dead, and the “Hidden Shield”, Darian Cuddio, was born.

Darian Cuddio (Gaius Octavius Koronus)

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