Rogue Trader - Shattering Stars

Captains Log 134 809.M41

Ship minutes

2 097 809.m41 Began voyage
Arrive at Port Wander 2 117 809.m41
Purchased best quality plasma weaponry, four types of grenades (frag, krak, stun, hallucinogenic)
Acquired 2k troops, 100 veterans, 3 Chimeras and Light power armor
Threw party at Port Wander to build relations
Increased influence with IG, IN, and ADM
2 122 809.m41 Depart for the maw
2 122 809.m41 Muirenn MacLea got minor warp sickness
2 127 809.M41 Arrived at Footfall
2 127 809.M41 Lydia Voidheart began building spy network on Footfall
2 132 809.M41 Threw party on Footfall to build relations
Met with bairn wolfus-merchant captain, once an ally of the family
Gained grudging respect of Lord-Captain Fao Zhang-Lu (grievous social wound)
Gained attention and respect of Lady-Captain Ilyena Faymostrov (grievous social wound)
Met with Ador Corphus. Convinced him we knew more than we did. Almost got him to spill his guts.
Found out that MinorZhang-Lu Dynasty is very involved with the Glaeser Foundry (minor secret)
Gained reputation with Disciples of Thule
Bribed Tanthus Moross to act as informant
Gained bonus to reputation on Footfall
Convinced Brother Sigvard to remain on ship
Gained 800xp


Accomplished Goals

  1. Purchased High Provender
  2. threw party on Port Wander
  3. purchased weapons and troops
  4. threw party on Footfall
  5. built relationships with Disciples of Thule, IG, IN, AdMech, Footfall nobility, Calixus Nobility
  6. Escorted Brother Sigvard to Footfall

Current goals

  1. Sell High Provender
  2. purchase muscle from Tutors
  3. upgrade Veteran Guardmen’s equipment
  4. Gain negotiation right from Disciples of Thule
  5. deliver canister to Admiral Brahn, last seen in Illisk. Report back to Lord-General Straffen
  6. Resolve The Mynov Dispute



  • Best Quality plasma weaponry (PCs)
  • Grenades: Frag, Krak, Hallucinogenic, Stun (PCs)
  • 1 suit light power armor


  • 1900 IG Infantry
  • 1900 IG veterans
  • 3 Chimeras




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